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​How To Buy

Our company, ISC Japan, was established in 2023 and mainly sells used cars and construction machinery.

We provide a wide range of services, not only in Japan but also for overseas exports, according to the needs of our customers.

*When purchasing used construction machinery

☎045-232-4623 (Reception hours weekdays 9:00 to 18:00, except holidays)

*Please tell us the details about the used machine that you want.

*If you know the model name and serial number which are listed on the website, please let us know.

*Please note that business negotiations may be in progress at the time of your inquiry.


Email address:

*We will contact you by e-mail or phone in order from the next business day.

*Please enter the model name, serial number, etc. listed on the website.

*Please note that business negotiations may be in progress at the time of your inquiry.

*When purchasing a used vehicle (for export)

Step 01


You are required to make a fixed security deposit at least 50% of CNF(or CIF) before participating in the auction. We cannot start the bidding without the payment of security deposit by Bank transfer (Telegraphic transfer, Wire transfer).
*The security deposit is refundable. It is a transaction when we make a successful bid at the auction. If we cannot make a successful bid, the next BID will be held at the auction held every day. It is a system that refunds when we cannot make a successful bid (unit couldn't purchase) in the end.

Step 02


Our skilled sales staff will bid on your behalf during the live auction/shared inventory with your demanded car. 
Before bidding, we inform you with an average price and an estimated CNF(or CIF).
And our sales staff will also translate the auction sheet so that you can decide if the car is right for you.

Step 03

​Bid Result

Our sales staff will be informed you auction result after auction is over. Once you win the bid, we will send you final invoice that tells you the total C&F.

*Due to customer order transactions, it is basically non-cancellable. However, if customer cancel after purchasing a vehicle at an auction, $1000 will be forfeited as a penalty (according to the auction terms and our payment terms).

Step 04


We must receive 100% payment within 5 working days after won the car from Auction.
And/or if the deposit ratio is 50% according to the initial arrangement, please pay the balance.

Step 05


We will arrange shipping as soon as the payment is reflected in our account.
The shipping process will begin after payment has been confirmed according to the agreed payment plan. After leaving the port of loading, we will send the following required documents by courier.

*Invoice/original export certificate (Japanese).

*Translated export certificate (English), original BL.
*Original copy of export inspection certificate (if necessary).

Step 06

​Vehicle receipt

Pick up your vehicle from the port of your choice and enjoy the drive.

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